Advanced Veterinary Care

1500 125th Ave NE
Blaine , MN 55449


We at Advanced Veterinary Care would like to thank you for your understanding and patience while we have
navigated our way through the ever-changing COVID-19 world. We have sorely missed the face-to-face
conversations about your lives and your pets’ lives. We have leveraged technology extensively to help the
communication, but this cannot replace talking with you directly and joining together to experience interactions
with your pets.

It is with great excitement that we announce that we will be opening our doors (pending any more craziness in
the world) and welcoming both pets and their parents into our newly remodeled hospital starting May 24th.

Here are the current guidelines to help ease you into this change:

❖ We will continue curbside service for those who would prefer to remain outside.

❖ We will continue to provide technician appointments via curbside service only. Please call 763-310-3500
when you arrive, and a technician will come out to receive your pet as soon as possible. Please remain in
the parking lot during the entire appointment.

❖ Medication and food refills will continue to be handled via curbside as well. Please give us a call at 763-
310-3500 when you arrive, and we will deliver directly to you.

Here is how your appointment will look:

❖ There will be a maximum of 1 person (must be an adult) per appointment.

❖ When you arrive for your appointment, please notify us at 763-310-3500. When an exam room is open,
our technician will meet you at our front door where they will perform a contact-less temperature

❖ You will then be asked a series of COVID-19 health related questions. We ask that you be patient as this
will help ensure we are keeping our staff healthy thus allowing us to continue these changed protocols.

❖ If you do not have a fever, you will then be escorted to an exam room for your appointment. If you have
a fever, you will be asked to complete the duration of your visit curbside.

❖ It is essential that you reschedule your appointment for a later date if:

1. You are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath), or
2. have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19, or
3. traveled internationally in the last 14 days

❖ Please use the hand sanitizer provided as you enter the building.

❖ While in the building, we require clients to always wear a properly fitted face mask that is always covering
the mouth and nose.

❖ Please remain seated in the exam room. Our exam rooms are small so staying seated will help allow us to
follow appropriate social distancing as much as possible.
• It may be necessary to complete some services in our treatment room if more than 2 staff will be

❖ At the end of your visit, our technicians will get you checked out while you remain in the exam room.
Once you are checked out, they will escort you to the exit.

Welcome Back,
Advanced Veterinary Care