Advanced Veterinary Care

1500 125th Ave NE
Blaine , MN 55449


Our Hospital at Advanced Veterinary Care Offers:

 Our Front Desk

On site Clinical Lab

When a loved one is ill, you want answers as soon as possible. That’s why we maintain a fully equipped onsite lab here in Blaine that allows us to run tests and obtain the most accurate real-time results. Most of the time, we’ll have the answers before you leave the hospital.


Digital X-Ray system for body and dental

Sometimes, x-rays are necessary in order to properly diagnose a pet’s issue, but people can be uncomfortable with the radiation exposure from x-rays.  Your pet’s health is our highest concern, which is why we use cutting-edge advanced digital x-ray systems that provide the safest available procedures with the lowest amounts of risk. The safety of our patients is as important to us as it is to you.



With our state of the art ultrasound machine, we have the ability to identify the presence of bladder stones in the urinary bladder as well as changes in the liver and rest of the abdomen.  This non invasive system allows us to comfortably evaluate your pet without causing discomfort.  


Online Records

For your convenience and peace of mind, we try to be available throughout many hours of the day and night. In the case of an off-hours emergency, you always have access to your records online. This allows any emergency room veterinarian to make the best choice for your pet at a moment’s notice. No matter where you are, we’re always part of your pet’s health team. Click Here to download our app: Vitus Vet


Home Visits

We no longer offer home visits. Since sick patients can be better treated in our clinic, we prefer to see them where we have access to diagnostic equipment or required medications for treatment. We offer end of life assistance such as hospice and euthanasia at the clinic. If you are looking for in home euthanasia care, please visit our End-of-life resources page.