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Pet Memorials

Our pets are members of the family, companions during the happy times and steadfast support during difficult times. And although their lives are too brief, we hold their memories dear.

The team at Advanced Veterinary Care would like to remember and honor the friends that are no longer with us.

If you are interested in having a memorial for your pet featured on our website please send us at least one photo (in .png or .jpg format), the name of your pet, and an (optional) short blurb.

To email us a picture to be added to our Pet Memorials page, please click HERE



Lady had a heart of gold. She was kind, loving and gentle spirited. She also was quite smelly and could never seem to keep her teeth or tongue where they belonged but I will miss everything about her. It's an awfully quiet home without a bulldog around! Lady will always be loved and remembered. <3 Yurichs

Puck and Sir Hamlet the Brave

I miss Puck (the Gray) and Sir Hamlet the Brave (White) every day, and feel so blessed that they chose me to be their human. I also am incredibly grateful for the care and compassion shown by all the AVC staff in Puck and Hammie's old age and passing. No doubt they are snuggled up together in a sunbeam in kitty heaven. 



What an incredibly funny and sweet boy he was. He brought so much joy to the lives of all who met him. We miss him making noise with empty bottles and constantly hogging the fan. 
I have never met an animal who I connected to so deeply, every day I think about and miss him tons. Thanks for taking such great care of him here. 


Junior was a awesome cat. He loved climb on you for a little love. He was always hanging out in one of the kids rooms. 

He loved sitting on the bathroom counter in the morning watching everyone get ready for their day. He left behind his dog and cat brothers and sisters, all of whom are missing him. 

He also left behind loving family that miss him dearly. We will remember him and love him forever. Rest in Peace Junior.