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Our results-driven  Veterinarians and caregivers specialize in compassionate, responsive, hands-on care with a personal touch. We’re sensitive to the emotional and physical needs of your pet and are committed to nurturing your cuddly companion while providing individual attention.

Since good health is a lifelong responsibility, we guide, empower, and educate you in all aspects of your pet’s life—from behavior to nutrition to old age. We take a partnership role in your pet’s well being and work with you to foster long-lasting health and happiness.

We've been helping pets and families from Blaine,  Coon Rapids, Andover, Fridley and Ham Lake since 2013.



Vaccinations are essential for preventing the spread of disease to and from your pet. We provide vaccinations to prevent against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, rabies, and Lyme disease.

Staying on top of your pet's vaccinations are an important part of their overall well-being.


Dental Care

The health of the mouth affects every aspect of a pet’s life. Bad breath can limit the amount of interaction you have with your pet. Just as your dentist recommends regular brushing and teeth cleanings, veterinarians also recommend regular dental care. While important, this can be difficult. At Advanced Veterinary Care, we have resources that will make the process easier and make getting dental cleanings affordable.


Pain Management

Pets experience pain just like people do. Modern medicines, nutrition, nutritional supplements, surgery, stem cell therapy, and physical therapy are only a few of the resources that we use in helping to alleviate and control pain. It’s our goal to make sure your pet as comfortable as possible. Like people, every pet is different. As part of the pain relief process, we explore various methods to help determine what kind of pain relief works best for each individual.


Emergency Services

Emergencies happen. Nobody plans for them. They are trying times that add stress to your life. That’s why we understand and try to make ourselves available during those times when you need us most. During business hours, we are available and capable to provide immediate care. Please call (do not email) and we can help at a moment’s notice.

 Nutrition Consultant

Pet obesity is one of the most diagnosed conditions in veterinary medicine. We understand that any form of treatment must be acceptable to both your family and your pet. If it is difficult or not realistic, it will not work. Therefore, we work closely with you to help create individualized plans to help achieve success. With proper guidance, pet obesity can be overcome.


Behavior Consultant

Behavior counseling is all about understanding why your pet does a specific behavior and then formulating a plan to help correct it. Better behavior contributes to a better, happier, more satisfying relationship between you and your pet. We have resources for making this process easy for your pet and your family.


Hospice Care

We provide home hospice services for companion animals. Our emphasis is on helping pets experience terminal illness with dignity surrounded by their family. Pain management, palliative medical care, nutrition counseling, adequate hydration, issues of mobility and cleanliness, assessment of caretaker requirements and quality of life assessments are all part of what we offer.


Internal Medicine

Our internal medicine services include diagnosing, monitoring and managing diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, seizures, kidney failure, and heart failure. With our in-house laboratory, we can diagnose most diseases on the same day that the patient is brought in. We can also monitor and begin treatment immediately.


Chronic Pain Management and Counseling

Diabetes, arthritis, seizures and allergies are but a few of the diseases we cannot currently cure. But, we can help your pet live longer and more comfortably, even with a chronic condition. Together we can develop a successful plan that will maximize the quality of your pet’s life, as well as your family’s.


Geriatric Care

Old age affects pets just like it does people. Changes in skin and coat, joint troubles, and vision problems are just some of the issues older pets have to deal with. We can help guide you through these types of issues and help improve the long-term comfort and quality of life for you and your pet.



Putting a beloved pet to sleep is a very difficult thing.  We will do everything we can to help. By offering sensitive support and education during this difficult time, we try to make the transition easier and more comfortable for your family. Providing euthanasia services in your own home makes it more comfortable for your pet as well as the whole family.



Most routine surgeries (spaying, neutering, etc.) are performed on-site. More complex or unique surgeries are performed on-site by one of the board certified veterinary surgeons with whom we partner. Every procedure includes a pre-surgical exam, an intravenous catheter, general blood work on the day of the procedure, human grade anesthesia (administered by a highly-trained nurse anesthetist), fluid therapy, and post procedure care which includes patient warming. Our operating theater is completely sterile and contains state-of-the-art equipment for extensive monitoring of the patient during the procedure.

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